Road project underway

The gate at the start of the Shelter Cove Road Project area is shown closed in this image taken early Sunday evening. Phase 3 of the Alaska Department of Transportation project is underway in a specific 3.3-mile stretch of road located on Alaska Mental Health Trust land beginning on the far side of the pictured gate, which is located on the White River Road a bit more than 12 miles from the intersection of Revilla Road and North Tongass Highway. According to information from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, several upgrades are occurring in the current project area, including reconstruction of older log stringer bridges that are past their lifespan, in addition to brush clearing and maintenance.

The road closure is related to a two-year project, and the road will remain closed “until it can be safely reopened for public use,” according to a trust email to the Daily News. “Global supply chain shortages have impacted the project.”

Significant road work has been completed in the Shelter Cove Road Project area, which continues up past the Salt Lagoon area at the head of George Inlet to connect to the U.S. Forest Service's Shelter Cove Road system. The full road system provides access to Alaska Mental Health Trust, Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Forest Service and Cape Fox Corp. land in that area.

Staff photo by Scott Bowlen