EDITOR, Daily News:

Rep. Dan Ortiz has earned my vote again this election cycle.

As a small business owner, I brought an issue to Dan’s office staff and asked for assistance in seeking a remedy for an oversight in the state statutes. Rep. Ortiz heard my concerns. Ultimately it was a matter that would require a change be made in the language of the law. It was something that could not be corrected without effort.

I first brought the forward the issue in early 2018. I was able to watch the process over a two-year period via televised hearings and through extended correspondence the process of bringing a bill into law.

Through this experience I learned that Rep. Ortiz has a professional, committed staff, and that Dan is responsive to his constituents and that he is willing to invest time and energy into small business issues, as well as the larger issues that we all read about in the paper.

Rep. Ortiz is working hard for this district. He is up to speed on the issues. He has working relationships with others in the state House. He has favorable committee positions for our district’s primary concerns.

There is much work to be done, and I have faith in Rep. Ortiz to look out for all sectors of our community, large and small.