EDITOR, Daily News:

I believe in freedom of religion and the separation of Church and State. Leslie Becker stated in her early October campaign stop in Metlakatla, “I felt like I heard one morning, I was standing at the sink, I felt like God said I want you to step out and get in this race and run for the House of Representatives.”

I am extremely concerned that Ms. Becker believes she is God’s chosen candidate. Ms. Becker has insulted people who don’t agree with her politically and members of other races in her ministry. She has yet to understand how her comments about Alaska Natives are very offensive nor has apologized for those comments. Based on Ms. Becker’s views, it is clear she will not be a representative for all of District 36, but for the select few who share her points of view.

On the other hand, Dan Ortiz has proven that he listens, cares and respects all constituents and has worked very hard to do the best job for his district.  

I will be voting for Dan.