EDITOR, Daily News:

Having read a letter in the paper written by Hans H. Antonsen, I feel the need to speak up and express another Antonsen opinion about Dan Ortiz.

Dan Ortiz calls himself an Independent because he chooses a nonpartisan stance. He does not belong to the Independent Party. He is an honest and fair candidate wanting to represent all Alaskans on both sides of the political fence. I know him to be smart, honest and hardworking, and a sensible common sense and factual person. I do not believe he is trying to mislead anybody.  f you want to get a fair shake in the election and try to get people to focus on your character and record instead of party, it is probably wise to have the word independent on you campaign sign.

Dan has been doing a great job representing us. He is always available to talk about issues and works hard to represent our area. I will proudly vote for Dan Ortiz again to represent Ketchikan in Juneau.

Leslie Becker, on the other hand, from statements she has made in this paper, appears ignorant and ruled by her vision of a bigoted, judgmental Christianity. I am going to vote for someone I know I can trust, who is honest and intelligent. Vote for Dan for the smarter choice!

If you want to vote for a woman, vote for Alyse Galvin to replace Don Young in Congress.

I met Alyse one noisy crowded night at the New York Cafe when out with my mom. Alyse got down on her knees in order to really hear mom and look at her. She spent 10 minutes asking mom about her life. Can you imagine Young doing anything remotely that deferential and kind?

Alyse is third generation and willing to fight for us with energy, honesty and fresh ideas. Alyse is smart, articulate and knows Alaska. Corporate interests are not her focus. Alaska is her focus and she knows Alaska.