EDITOR, Daily News:

In this year’s local elections there seems to be general agreement among various candidates about their wish to improve the economy and have the best possible schools. The question is about who would best be able to do those things.

But this year the greatest outstanding issue is the health and safety of our citizens and especially of our younger children who cannot yet be vaccinated against the Covid virus. Nor can we separate the general health of our population from that of our children as we do not live in separate universes.

Therefore, we support the following people for Ketchikan School Board: Keenan Sanderson, Tom Huette and Stephen Bradford; for Ketchikan City Council: Janalee Gage and Lalette Kristler; for Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly: Grant Echohawk and Carlos Weimer; and for Ketchikan City Mayor: David Kiffer.

These folks believe in science and facts. They will strive to help solve our homeless and drug problems, the school dropout rate and support the infrastructure improvements we desperately need and will work for all members of our community, not just those who agree with their ideological philosophies.