EDITOR, Daily News:

By adding 240,000 people to our planet daily, all of our remaining undisturbed forests and grasslands will need to be converted to farmland and pastures in order to feed all of our people in the next 50 years.

However, this can't happen because our biosphere is already overpopulated, as is evidenced by its increasing hostility and the growing levels of chronic disease, migrations, extinctions, pandemics and conflicts over food, water, resources and territory.

Since most governments do not control the reproduction rates of their citizens and most people want to keep it this way, it falls upon each and every individual in our societies to voluntarily reproduce at a replacement level, or less, if there is to be any hope of stopping this unsustainable population growth and all of its disastrous consequences.

While making this a voluntarily goal will require a major increase in the ecological understanding of everyone on our planet, the accelerating pace of global warming and all of the other ecological challenges coming our way will help us achieve this goal.


Olympia, Washington