EDITOR, Daily News:

My biking friends and I landed on Prince of Wales Island on Sunday, July 26, to a brilliant sunny evening. We peddled all over the island, enjoying a week of stunning weather; friendly and helpful people; and, beautiful scenery and wildlife.

It is our good fortune to live in Alaska where we have wild places like POW to safely visit. The landscapes and seascapes we enjoyed while biking and kayaking renewed our perspectives on life.

We appreciate each and every person that made our visit special because you were welcoming, knew where resources were when we needed them and were kind and willing to share history and stories of your home. On our own, we found an empty cabin (perhaps a Forest Service cabin) open to the water view at Memorial Beach. We built a fire in the stove, ate our dinner, threw our sleeping bags on the bunks and had a blissful night's sleep. If we owe anyone money for the night, just let me know.

A number of people were an enormous help, providing and moving a truck, picking up late night bikers, showing us the green spring water locations, helping us find the "gas station" in Whale Bay, serving amazing burgers in Coffman Bay and Thorne Bay, the lodge owner that picked us up in a boat in Thorne Bay, the woman who found and returned my wallet — the list goes on. Special shout-out to the staff and pilots of Island Air Express who flew us and our bikes on time and safely to the island; Anne and DJ of Hollis Rentals for details, equipment and, a voice in the wilderness when we needed it; Kenny, who seemed to be everywhere on the island ready to help us.

I am back in Anchorage, but have carved a special POW spot in my brain — so anytime I think of getting anxious about anything — I visit that beautiful wilderness haven.