EDITOR, Daily News:

I am glad again to add my voice and vote to the many other residents of Ketchikan and communities represented by Dan Ortiz.

He has evidenced so many outstanding qualities these past years as our representative from this district, that a simple letter really begs the opportunity of thanking him for again running and representing all of us.

As a resident of this area for 40-plus years, I have seen the effort he puts forth in anything he has set out to achieve, from his career, his mentoring, his teaching, and now most recently representing our concerns as a minority district in an area of the state that is often ignored.

As a recently retired businessperson running a business that involved all locations in Southeast Alaska, I am impressed that Dan was approachable on concerns that I had in trying to run a business when some state divisions and departments were not paying their bills. Dan often dropped in unannounced, just to get another viewpoint in local opinion, or run an idea by me, or just visit. I know he did this with other folks in the area. His local connections, long tenure as a resident, concern for each person and community in his district, and ability to zero in on the issues, with realistic solutions rather than “pie in the sky” promises, demand our consideration.

These attributes contrast very favorably against his opponent, a newcomer to the community, with little local experience, no apparent cultural sensitivity, leaning on the Republican brand and no apparent knowledge of local needs.

Join me in voting Dan Ortiz for his experience, knowledge of issues, approachability, and being a genuine member of our community. Thank you, Dan Ortiz.