EDITOR, Daily News:

This week, the Legislature convenes for session. One of the main obligations of the Legislature is to pass a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. It is also one of our greatest challenges.

In order to create a budget that works for House District 36, I need to hear from you. This time of year, I typically send out a survey asking for your opinion. This year, in lieu of a survey from my office, I am asking you to take Commonwealth North’s Budget survey. It is a tool that asks you to balance the budget based on our revenue projections. It is very comprehensive.

You can find the survey at www.AKBudget.com. Don’t forget to include your zip code to ensure accurate results for District 36. I will be receiving the District 36 results later this winter, which will help me make budgetary decisions during session. All responses I receive will be anonymous, but if you would like to personally communicate your response with me, the website allows you to print out a summary report of your response, which can then be sent to my legislative office.

If you want to discuss the budget in more detail or have questions ahead of taking the survey, feel free to reach out to me. You can email me at Rep.Dan.Ortiz@AKLeg.gov.


House District 36