EDITOR, Daily News:

We are frequently reminded of the importance of shopping locally and how many times over our dollars travel through the community when choosing to purchase at local businesses. However, one essential local business is typically not mentioned: our local independent newspaper. Local independent newspapers are essential for local business advertising and for providing news that relates specifically to the community.

While it can be argued that the internet can provide both advertising and news, it is not the same as a local independent newspaper. No internet source provides in-depth reporting of local government meetings, events and sports. The internet does not provide the thrill of unexpectedly seeing friends and family in photos on the front page. And the internet is not a physical object that can be held and passed along to others.

I know that I am biased. My family had subscriptions to both local independent newspapers (one a morning paper and the other an afternoon paper) and reading the newspaper was the norm. I began my subscription to the Ketchikan Daily News in 1992 when we moved here and have maintained it ever since. If I am out of town I can access the paper on-line, which is included with a subscription, and stay informed on what is happening locally.

The cost of a newspaper subscription is minimal while the benefits are immeasurable. If you are not a subscriber, please consider the enormous value and benefit in supporting our local newspaper by subscribing.