EDITOR, Daily News;

The current situation with USPS cannot be ignored.

 It seems there is a concerted effort directed by Donald Trump to undermine the functions of the USPS so that it will be unable to accommodate the flood of mail-in ballots, thereby disenfranchising millions of voters who might be voting for his opponent.

The effort includes firing nearly 30 of the USPS executives, removing mailboxes — particularly in areas likely to vote Democratic — and removing sorting machines that speed up mail delivery. And further, those machines will have been sent to the scrap heap, this assuring that they cannot be replaced between now and our November election. It is more than coincidental that all this is occurring while Congress is in recess.

I would hope that when Congress reconvenes in September (or sooner), something will be done to halt the sabotage and reverse the damage that has already been done and further that any irreversible damage will be the subject of compensatory measures that will make the USPS at least as efficient as it has always been.

I hope that the three in our Alaska delegation will respond to this dire situation, will live up to your obligation to your constituency and work to solve this dreadful problem.