EDITOR, Daily News:

I find it very inappropriate to find an election advertisement in the “Letter to the Editor” column today, Sept. 5, 2020.

I suppose if I wrote something against the election of Mr. Ortiz, you would air it in the “Letter to the Editor”? If the letter writer wanted to promote his candidate, he should have given money toward a political advertisement. And if the newspaper wanted to promote a candidate, apparently it did, it also should have donated space for official advertising, instead of the using the free expression of editorial letters to be used for biased campaigning per the newspaper.

I will say candidates who are calling themselves independent or not even telling what party, if any, they stand for, do not give a real account of how they will behave in voting decisions. We do not know what they will do. That is also irresponsible.

Several candidates, who have run and are running, are being pushed only on their personalities and not their policies. I find that deceptive, because unless I know them personally — and even that may fail, I will not know their inclinations in voting decisions.