EDITOR, Daily News:

The two District 36 House candidates’ joint appearance on KRBD’s recent radio broadcast put my voting decision into clear focus. Leslie Becker declared herself to be squarely in the arch-conservative right wing Republican camp, while Dan Ortiz assured us that he would continue to represent the district’s best interest independently of any party bosses.

Recent distain of political independence, as well as criticism of other politician’s lack of lockstep party discipline, especially by Republicans, shows how far into divisiveness we have descended.  It is telling that the governor’s dismantling of state government, supported by Republican politicians in Juneau, are the very policies that Leslie Becker is pledging herself to, whether she realizes it or not. Remember: her party bosses in Anchorage and the Railbelt do not need the state ferry system, or many other services that Southeast has been deprived of.

The shameful slavish obedience that some of Alaska’s Washington congressmen have displayed is the best reason to vote for independents. Dan Ortiz as well as Al Gross and Alyse Galvin are my choices for state and federal leadership.