EDITOR, Daily News:

I write this letter in support of Dan Ortiz’s reelection to the District 36 House seat. As the previous executive director for the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce, I had the opportunity to work with Dan on many occasions, and always found him to be a strong advocate for our region and its businesses. From my experience at the chamber, it is clear to me which of the current candidates has a history of advocating for our local business owners and operators.

Rep. Ortiz was always available for work with the chamber, and proud to work alongside us in any capacity. Not just in his attendance for every chamber event to which he was invited, but the work that he did within my time there, advancing the interests of our community and businesses in partnership with the chamber.

Not the least of these was his effort to bring about a legislative change that specifically allowed our chamber to operate a Race Classic in conjunction with the R2AK annual boat race. As our ferry system faced threats, I watched him work tirelessly with Alaska state officials and our partners in Prince Rupert, with whom he holds good relationships and has achieved positive change. Through his memberships, presentations, participations and eagerness to partner with the chamber on anything we needed, I came to see Rep. Ortiz as a strong ally to the business community of Ketchikan, and our region as a whole.

Outside of the bounds of my professional relationship with Dan Ortiz, I know him to be a kind and genuine human being with a history of outreach and thoughtful listening to his constituents. I strongly believe that these characteristics and history of his work with the chamber make him the best choice for District 36, and for our businesses. I will be voting for Rep. Ortiz, and I urge you to do the same.