EDITOR, Daily News:

In response to the “Making mask wearing the new normal” letter to the editor.

After the events of the past few weeks it is clear that people are overreacting to a single event.

There was no “wide community spread.” In light of this fact ,the question comes to mind: Why would the Ketchikan City Council and the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly attempt to infringe on our constitutional rights by telling us we must wear a mask?

We need to stop looking at other states and even other regions of Alaska for guidance on when to enter the next phase of opening. Ketchikan is our home and we as a community are handling this Covid-19 crisis. There have not been any deaths or major outbreaks here in Ketchikan.

I agree that people should wear a mask if they so choose; I do not agree that a healthy person should be mandated to wear a mask.

If a person in this community has a compromised immune system, then that person or persons have the right to choose to wear a mask when they go out. This is not a new thing; people with autoimmune disorder and other diseases have been taking these precautions long before Covid-19 came along and never once was anyone else in this community mandated to wear a mask.

It is common sense to wear a mask when visiting someone with a compromised condition if you are sick or better yet do not visit them.

There is no absolute proof that the cloth facial masks protect us from the virus. This community is well above the average in Alaska and the nation when it comes to the numbers. Twenty-one people out of 13,800 is an exceedingly small percent.

What will protect our rights and reassure people that our local government is still of the people is to allow us as citizens to maintain our freedom of choice.