EDITOR, Daily News:

An Apology.

Years ago, after leaving K-town, I wrote a letter to this press that had much more impact than I expected. But even now, people will tell me they remember it, that they kept a copy. I honestly can’t remember a word of it, but knowing myself as I did at the time, I’m sure it was provocative.

I have silver hair now and don’t like the idea that my original letter was the last word. I had my issues with the town, sure, but Ketchikan also provided me a base for 14 years to undergo the greatest adventures of my life. In effect, I discovered who I was up there and was able to heal through a lot of trauma from my past. There, I morphed from being an accountant to a writer and filmmaker.

So I want to offer an apology for any who might have been offended by my younger expressions. Ketchikan is like a difficult muse for me, one that continues to influence me and, as Leonard Cohen said about an album of his that he at first didn’t like, “I feel more tender towards it now.”

So thank you K-town for serving as the fecund backdrop for a time of tumultuous change and discovery in my life.


Port Townsend, Washington