EDITOR, Daily News:

Roughly eight years ago the E.P.A. did a study of the water purity being delivered for the City of Ketchikan residents and determined that our water system needed an aeration system and an additional filtration system in order to meet the standards for good drinking water.

Our city manager at the time decided that rather than follow the E.P.A. determinations of what was needed, the city would save a lot of money by simply adding more chemicals to the water to neutralize the contaminate testing read-out and thus, comply with E.P.A. standards.

This did not remove the contaminates, but it did mask them from the testing readings.

Since then, half of us have been buying drinking water rather than feed ourselves and our children more chemicals in our daily diet. The honest quality of the water seems to be coming to the fore once again. So, what do you say, should we go ahead and do what we know we should have done eight years ago, or just keep adding more chemicals and continue to deliver an inferior product to ourselves and our families.

It's up to us, which do we choose? Take the time to make your voice heard, or accept what you wind up getting.