EDITOR, Daily News:

Do we really learn from our mistakes?

As a former four-term (12-year) Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly member, I make the following observations.

The time and tide have changed. Elected officials change. Policy, direction and focus change. Management and staff change. Your property tax millage rate and sales tax will change, as will new taxes, which is dependent upon the aforementioned.

• The Bowl Factory — before my time , but I learned!

• The veneer plant — during my time, but I learned!

• The Schoenbar debacle — I helped rectify!

• Government sprawl — I tried to hold it at bay!

• Tobacco tax — I opposed it. The revenue received is not going toward the problem (which voters approved)!

• OceansAlaska “loan” — I told you so!

• The skate park — I told you so!

Exercise your right to vote, but be careful who you vote for and be careful what you ask for.