EDITOR, Daily News:

I am writing to ask everyone to please join me and vote for Leslie Becker for State House. Leslie brings much needed effective leadership and integrity. She has what it takes to get the job done for our district. She will be welcomed into the majority Republican caucus in Juneau.

Dan Ortiz has not been allowed into the Republican caucus and therefore he has not been able to be an effective representative for our district. Dan only got elected in the first place by hiding his true colors. Being a lifelong Democrat, Dan knew he couldn’t get elected unless he fooled enough voters by running as an independent even though he was truly a Democrat. That charade fooled enough people to get him elected, but unfortunately it didn’t make him any more welcome in Juneau and therefore our district has not been treated as fairly as we will be with Leslie Becker as our representative.

 I know through personal conversations with Dan Ortiz that he will support a state income tax if given the opportunity. I know that Leslie Becker will not.

Individuals and small businesses can absolutely not afford any additional taxes. A vote for Dan will open the door for more taxes. We need honest and effective representation in Juneau. We need Leslie Becker!