EDITOR, Daily News:

One year ago, Alaskans discovered that our newly elected governor had no intention of keeping his promises, but instead was single-handedly wrecking essential state programs to fit a personal radical conservative agenda that even most Republicans could not agree with.

Having promised he would increase funding for education, maintain a functioning ferry system, not cut Alaska State Troopers or prisons or courts or the state university or Medicaid or many other state services, he proceeded to do just the opposite.

Gov. Dunleavy vetoed funding for troopers, prisons, courts, Head Start, education, pioneer homes, the university, Medicaid, public broadcasting and public defenders, and began a program to ruin, dismantle and sell off the state ferries and terminals. He immediately plunged many citizens into joblessness and poverty and started a statewide economic decline. To do these things, he also violated the state law and constitution and the separation of powers.

In response, Alaskans all over the state began a recall application that reached well over the required signatures in record time. That was Phase 1. Now after administration opposition and foot dragging, the Superior Court has authorized the start of Phase 2, which is the petition for a statewide recall election. We need 72,000 signatures statewide, less than half again what was gathered in a mere one month in Phase 1. Petition signing has begun and will take place at the Ted Ferry Civic Center on the Feb. 29, and at the Plaza Mall the next weekend and at many other locations, as well.

The sooner an election is scheduled, the sooner we can get on with honest progressive state government.