EDITOR, Daily News:

Regarding Tatsuda IGA’s devestating situation, it must surely be overwhelming to consider the store remodeling debt, rebuilding a structure, new equipment and inventory required, other remediation expenses, current liabilities and the list goes on. Most are familiar with the nightmare of dealing with insurance companies, deductibles and exclusions. In the end, settlements are often not in the policyholder’s favor. Some reassurances and relief are in order for this family.

Suggestions for Ketchikan:

Would financially secure and comfortable adults in the community be willing to donate their PFD to help the Tatsuda family in this extremely dire situation? This life changing time for them requires extreme efforts.

Would a team of financial advisors volunteer to join them in planning a process and funds to reopen?

The remarkable Tatsuda Company must continue to serve the public, and employ their amazing staff. Let’s avoid future regrets and do our best now. Please seriously consider the suggestion for your PFD/or partial amount, and join me to act beyond our usual efforts that make Ketchikan the best and famous supportive community we are known to be.

Go Ketchikan!