EDITOR, Daily News:

We have been lucky in our town, as we could isolate and stop corona from coming here. No one has died here, but no one in this town has not been affected! Planned-demic? The medical workers and survivors would not say that, neither do the dead.

Lessons are being learned that we need to learn in order to deal with it. Any person in a car wearing a mask is "practicing" safety, for themselves, others or a family member at risk. I don't see kids cowering from other children, but I do see young adults learning how to social distance from people they don't know.

This to control the spread of a virus we do not understand. Teachers want to be in the classroom whatever it takes, even at the risk to themselves.

Government workers have been delivering my mail without fail! The only ones on full pay and extended leave are the politicians! Yes, many businesses will fail from this. That is why it is important to do what we can to get back to normal. If that means a mask, no large gatherings, washing hands or testing before coming to town, I am all for it. I do not suffer from mass hysteria about the virus but I don't want it and I am sure you don't, either.

Be responsible for doing what can be done to protect your employees and your customers and get back to work with confidence, not fear.

My wife and I have been shopping a lot in town lately, and not one store has been fearful or unfriendly about being open. We are sorry for the loss of business and jobs this has caused, and scared for those struggling and unemployed. We are in this together!

Shop local!