EDITOR, Daily News:

I don't like wearing masks, I don't want wearing masks to be the new normal. However, I wouldn't dare the obstinance to dismiss the advice of medical professionals. I think the reasonable thing to do is to err on the side of caution as pathologists have been vocal about how much we still don't know about COVID-19.

Wearing a mask is literally the least I can do; there's hardly a smaller sacrifice I could be asked to make.

This following is in response to some of the points raised in a Letter to the Editor published June 30 of this year titled "Mask wearing should be a choice."

• "There was no ‘wide community spread.’" and "not been any deaths or major outbreaks here."

That's the point of precautionary measures. It would be negligent of those tasked with governing us to wait until after tragedy strikes.

• "I do not agree that a healthy person should be mandated to wear a mask."

• "It is common sense to wear a mask when visiting someone with a compromised condition."

The main reason we're being told to wear masks is because we can't tell who's sick. That's what people potentially being 'asymptomatic' means.

• "Infringe on our constitutional rights."

I think if we work together, if we support each other, we can survive the incredible oppression of having to wear a small, breathable piece of fabric over our mouth for limited parts of the day.

• "There is no absolute proof that the cloth facial masks protect us from the virus."

A willingness to risk the health and lives of others (and yourself) due to a lack of information sounds irresponsible to me. We're a small, isolated community, and we need to look out for one another.

If I'm wrong about choosing to wear masks: I spent a few bucks I didn't have to.

If you're wrong about choosing to not wear masks: Our friends and families get sick and die.