EDITOR, Daily News:

With the COVID-19 virus killing 1,000 people daily, 30% of our population unemployed, many people facing eviction from their homes and a devastating lack of political leadership and empathy, it's time for the wealthy 1% of our population, who have more money than many nations, to step up and help those who are unable to feed their families or keep a roof over their heads.

Surely, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Bloomberg, the Kochs, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, the Waltons and Steve Balmore, all of whom have a net worth of over $50 billion, could spare a billion or two to help those whose lives and future are in jeopardy.

With both COVID-19 and the economic crisis it has caused threatening to bring our country to its knees, we all need to begin thinking about doing whatever we can to help those who are being hit the hardest. While most working class people are limited in the amount of help and financial aid they can provide, those who make more money in one day than most people earn in a lifetime can earn the respect of our nation by helping those who are in desperate need of help.


Olympia, Washington