EDITOR, Daily News:

Transparency, honesty, integrity!

Three words we seem to be hearing a lot this political season, especially the first two.

As a community we are fortunate that our local candidates for Ketchikan City Council, Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly and Ketchikan School Board all possess and exemplify these three character traits. Regardless of their individual approaches and positions on local issues, they are all sincere about doing what they believe is best for our community.

Beyond the local level, things begin to get a little fuzzy. The incumbent candidate for state House, Dan Ortiz, is running as an "independent." Yet he has consistently caucused with the Democrats when it comes to organizing the state House. Leslie Becker is the Republican running for the state House. She has been transparent and consistent in her positions on the issues and also about her Republican Party affiliation.

In the race for the U.S. House of Representatives, Alyse Galvin is running as an "independent," yet she has stated she will caucus with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. Don Young is the Republican incumbent and the longest serving member of the House. He is the Dean of the House and a fierce advocate for Alaska issues.

In the race for the U.S. Senate, Al Gross is running as an "independent," yet he has stated his views are to the left and he will caucus with Sen. Schumer and the Democrats. Dan Sullivan, the Republican incumbent, is an officer in the United States Marine Corps. Honesty and integrity are bedrocks of service in the Marine Corps.

The Democratic party and its affiliated political action committees are putting millions of dollars into our Alaska elections in support of these "independent" candidates. Is it transparent and honest to run as an Independent when millions of dollars are coming from the National Democratic Party supporting these campaigns? Is it transparent and honest to run as an independent and say openly you will caucus with the Democrats and support the Democratic agenda? Is this a sincere way to support transparency, honesty and integrity, or is this a slippery slope designed to hoodwink the voters of Alaska?

If these candidates are willing to deceive voters into believing they are "independent," then what other deceptions are they willing to engage in? Do we really want to elect candidates willing to stand on this slippery slope? Our choice in November is to elect people who stand on a platform of transparency, honesty and integrity, or to elect "independent" who are Democratic wolves trying to wear sheep's clothing! The choice is yours when you cast your ballot. Get out and vote!