EDITOR, Daily News:

I wrote to Sen. Dan Sullivan fully expecting that he would likely not read the letter and it would be reduced to a statistical number classified as “for or against” by his aides. I was compelled just the same to express that my service to country, like his, was and is a duty bound by oath. We raised our hand to defend our Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

There is little disagreement that our democracy was attacked on Jan. 6, 2021 by those who intended to thwart our election. Though opinions vary, it was clear that former President Trump’s words did nothing to lessen or quell the hostility of this crowd prior to the assault. If anything, he fueled the fire of discontent compounded by the constant barrage of disinformation.

Sen. Sullivan and Sen. Lisa Murkowski will be charged with the responsibility to decide whether former President Trump’s actions merit a finding of guilt. I reminded Sen. Sullivan that actions by any person who incites others to violent insurrection has no shelf life. Because Trump is out of office does not mean he is no longer held accountable. Deaths of five people occurred and, though he didn’t pull the trigger, he certainly loaded the guns and pointed the crowd toward our Capitol.

The result of trial will be seen by the world. To uphold the impeachment will mean he no longer can run for office. That, in my opinion, is a small price to pay for actions against our Republic. To those who wish to excuse his conduct to ensure our nation heals, I say when crimes are committed, healing begins when there is justice and the perpetrators are held accountable.

I will hope our senators will, with an opened mind, hear all of the facts, and, if evidence supports a guilty finding, that they have the courage to hold him accountable and to uphold the Articles of Impeachment.