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It's a great time of year, when Alaskans emerge from the long, dark winter and launch eagerly into the great outdoors, ready to experience again the freedom and natural beauty for which our state is so justifiably celebrated.

Alaskans have every right to be frustrated as the Legislature enters June still in session without a final budget, let alone a comprehensive plan to end this yearly cycle of uncertainty in place. I can assure you that I’m equally as frustrated by the gridlock.

Alaska was anticipated to welcome 1.3 million tourists by cruise ship in 2020 before the pandemic brought tourism to a halt. The economic loss from a canceled cruise ship season in 2020 alone totals $3 billion, with 2,180 businesses at direct risk — many of which are small family owned busin…

Alaska is on the global forefront of high seas traffic. Cargo ships, fishing vessels, cruise liners and military assets from other nations ply the waters of the Pacific and Arctic Oceans at a higher level than any other point in history. Russia has 40 icebreaking vessels in its fleet with mo…

I saw a falling star last night. It reminded me of our Alaska Marine Highway system. Both are in a free fall. We cannot do much about the star, but maybe we can rescue our ferry system.

As we observe the anniversary of the creation of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation this month, it is noteworthy to laud the vision and leadership of the past, and imperative in my opinion to look forward — to bring that same extraordinary vision, leadership, and forethought to the now, t…

Congress passed Public Law 830, July 28, 1956, granting the Territory of Alaska authority over its mental health laws and provided $6.5 million in funds to create “an integrated mental health program,” $5.35 million was used to build the first Alaska Psychiatric Institute.

I am a Baha’i. I believe in the oneness of humankind. As a mother who taught her children to celebrate their Alaska Native and Filipino heritage, I am in a lot of pain right now. And now our community is dealing with hate symbols painted on our roads.

The Legislature is involved in a much-needed examination of options for the creation of a more effective ferry management body. An important consideration is creating such an entity that is removed from the governor’s control. Unfortunately, some past governors and our present one have demon…

Sixty-two years ago, Alaska traded its status as a territory for full statehood and a promise — the promise of a prosperous future grounded in the freedom to access and develop our common natural resources.

In the Ketchikan Daily News Weekend Edition of March 20-21, there was a column written by Finis Dunaway, listed as Special to the Washington Post. The “How the Gwich’in transformed the fight over oil” column was lengthy and well written, and described in great detail how the Gwich’in people …

The international challenges faced by our commercial fishing industry are immense. That’s why I wrote to Secretary of State John Blinken this week, urging him to address Chinese seafood tariffs during his summit with Chinese officials in Alaska.

On March 7, the Canadian government released its revised regulations on travel between Alaska and the Lower 48 through Canada. The release states that the government of Canada continues to strongly advise foreign nationals to postpone or cancel travel plans through Canada. A statement by Pat…

The GOP must soon make some major policy decisions, or it will become a split party with two factions — one a single-person party cult and the other a Republican party based on principles such as small government, free markets, low taxes, and individual freedom.

Travel and tourism took a hard hit everywhere, and Alaska was no exception. In-state travel was the difference maker for many businesses in 2020. Alaskans traveling in their own backyards kept many places going through the leanest of months. The effects would have been much worse without you…

This is in response to resident comments made during the Thursday, Feb. 4 Ketchikan City Council meeting on two topics: Implementing the approved 2019-2021 wharfage fee and formation of the Tourism Steering Committee.

Early in my career as a power-lineman, I never imagined I’d ever be talking about climate change and I certainly never thought those words would have anything to do with a career that involved climbing gear, heavy equipment, tools and hard hats.

Nowhere in Alaska is the high cost of energy felt more than in rural communities. While all Alaskans endure high energy costs, the impact is especially burdensome on our rural neighbors.

President Biden’s commitment to protecting 30% of U.S. lands and waters by 2030 (“30x30”) is one of the most significant environmental commitments of his early presidency. A central focus of this long-overdue effort must be Alaska’s vast, but troubled, offshore waters.