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As newly elected legislators, we bring over 52 years of collective teaching experience to the political conversation about our public schools. We have each grappled with a system in decline from inside our classrooms, and individually decided it is a system worth fighting for. The voters fro…

The Alaska Marine Highway System was created with a stated mission to "provide safe, reliable and efficient transportation of people, goods and vehicles among Alaska communities, Canada, and the 'Lower 48.'" 

Earlier this month, the 117th Congress formally adjourned, marking the close of a remarkably productive legislative stretch for Alaska. The last Congress was one of the best for our state in recent memory, and the bipartisan bills we passed during it will produce lasting benefits for Ketchikan.

Seasonal staffing for tour operations is always a challenge. Whether it is the mechanic, kayak guide, fishing captain, commercially licensed driver or sales, all business owners wear one or several hats.

Alaska, at the Northwest corner of the U.S., and hydrogen, at the top left of the periodic table, share more than a common location on their respective charts. Global energy consumption is forecast to grow 50% by 2050, and hydrogen from Alaska can provide solutions to the world’s energy and …

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This October, I was provided the opportunity to serve as the executive director of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation. As a lifelong Alaskan, leading APFC is my childhood dream come true. From meeting with Gov. Hammond with my third-grade class in 1976, to receiving the benefits of the fu…