What defines Ketchikan most?

Would it be the lovely setting? The local industries?

Those are big parts of Ketchikan’s identity, but it’s best defined by its people.

Ketchikan is blessed with many wonderful residents who contribute so much to this community. Some are in the public eye often because of position or prominence. Many others are known only to family, friends or co-workers. Few receive formal recognition for the contributions they make.

We appreciate the local entities that do seek to recognize the outstanding folks among us. One such entity is Women in Safe Homes, which recently announced the recipients of its annual Women of Distinction honors.

As in past years, the 2020 honorees represent a cross-section of Ketchikan; each individual unique in background and endeavors. Each making a positive difference in Ketchikan.

You might know one, some, or all of them — Cameo McRoberts, Danielle Duckworth, Deb Anderson, Rhonda Bolling and Sonya Skan. We offer our congratulations and thanks, understanding that Ketchikan is a better place through their presence and efforts.

Think of the people you know who fit that description. They likely define the true heart of Ketchikan.