It’s good to see the renovation work progressing at the former Ketchikan Regional Youth Facility  — soon to be the new site of the Women In Safe Homes shelter.

The renovated facility is expected to be a significant improvement over the existing site, and it represents the culmination of much work by WISH staff, City of Ketchikan officials, in addition to funding support by federal, nonprofit, and private sector entities and individuals.

The need for this type of shelter continues to be as real as it is unfortunate. Still, we take heart that Ketchikan is a community that recognizes the need and works diligently to meet it.

Soon, BAM Construction will have completed the renovation work designed by Welsh Whitely Architects. WISH anticipates a community celebration for the site’s planned grand opening on Oct. 23.

We’ll look forward to that day, and extend our gratitude to all who’ve worked to see the project through to completion.