Ketchikan is fortunate in its public utility.

When the lights went out Monday night in parts of town, its crew responded. It happens. It might be when the wind sways the trees on a rainy night or — as it was to start this week — on a warm, sunny day.

Sometimes the cause of the outage is a bird in a transformer. Or it might be a tree in a power line. It could be multiple causes and it might be all over the community.

KPU asks residents to check their breakers before calling Bailey Power Plant to report an outage. Sometimes, an outage is isolated in one household.

It also suggests that residents keep their refrigerator/freezer doors closed during an outage, and ensure that doors and windows are shut to conserve heat.

Flashlights are recommended over candles that could cause a fire if tipped over.

If power lines are down, KPU cautions people to stay away from them and keep others and pets away, too.

The American Red Cross also has a power outage preparedness checklist online.

As Ketchikan moves into fall and winter, the wind, heavy rain and snow fall is likely. Being prepared by following KPU's recommendations is timely.