The goal of Alaska Airlines and other U.S. airlines is to transport passengers and freight to their destinations safely and efficiently.

But, this holiday season, it might not have looked like it.

From coast to coast, weather and the spread of the pandemic have caused delays and cancellations for airlines, passengers and package deliveries around Christmas and New Year's — and the woes are continuing.

This has caused inconveniences by the hundreds and thousands. The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport alone had more than a 1,000 flight cancellations on one day.

Jets cannot fly without pilots. Pilots shouldn't fly in bad weather or while under the weather.

Neither the weather nor the pandemic are expected to improve much in the next week. In fact, with it being January, the weather could be worse. The pandemic numbers will decline in time.

The key to coping is to understand that this situation is more than possible in winter. Flights will go when it is safe for crew and passengers. Eventually, all passengers will arrive at their destinations because of the airlines' efficiency.

We understand that while some of the travel inconveniences have meant a few extra hours at the airport, for others it's meant a day or days of extra time and expense before a traveler can reach the desired destination.

For those in that situation, both now and in the days ahead, we wish you patience, endurance and much good humor.

Make the most of a difficult — for all involved — situation. You will get "there" eventually.