The bright light in the sky this week is great.

A late summer has blessed Ketchikan — just in time for school to start.

Which it has.

Classes began Monday throughout the Ketchikan School District.

School buses took to the streets, along with students of all sizes and varying attention spans.

We mention “attention spans” to focus on the change needed this time of year.

With students walking on sidewalks and the curbs of streets, roads and highways, and crossing the latter, it is time to think about watching out for the additional traffic on foot. This is traffic that often is thinking about whatever students of their age think about and not about the motor vehicle traveling nearby.

Some are playing on their walks to and from school and the bus stops. Already vehicles have been seen slowing down when approaching students horsing around on their way.

It’s also important to be cognizant of the buses, and the stop signs they display when students are loading or unloading. It is required to stop for the buses in this situation.

Added to this is that the sun is bright, and sometimes that compromises vision for both drivers and students. When the sun disappears behind the clouds and days grow shorter with the appearance of rain and wind blowing rain sideways, as it will, visibility will be compromised then, too.

School has started. Students are out and about. It’s time to be alert for them and extra traffic.

Let’s drive with that in mind.