Election Day for the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, City of Ketchikan and City of Saxman is coming up on Oct. 5.

Most local registered voters go to the polling place in their precinct to vote on election day. This a most-excellent option — not least because voters usually can receive one of those neat “I voted today” stickers at the polling place.

But voters have other options for casting their ballots, too.

There are early and absentee voting options of the borough and City of Ketchikan regular elections, and an absentee voting option for the City of Saxman regular election.

The borough, City of Saxman and City of Ketchikan elections each have their own ballot. For example, a registered voter who resides within Ketchikan  city limits may vote in the City of Ketchikan election that includes the Ketchikan city mayor and Ketchikan City Council candidates, in addition to the Ketchikan Gateway Borough election that includes the Borough Assembly and Ketchikan School Board candidates and two borough ballot propositions.

Early in-person voting is available for the borough and City of Ketchikan elections. This option became available this past Monday and continues through Monday, Oct. 4.

Early in-person voting can be done from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays through Oct. 4 at the Borough Clerk’s office (1900 First Ave., Ste. 115) and the Ketchikan City Clerk’s office (334 Front St.). The City of Ketchikan has an absentee in-person voting option during the same hours and days.

The borough and cities of Ketchikan and Saxman also have options for absentee voting. Applications for by-mail and electronic absentee voting are available on the borough and City of Ketchikan’s websites. Instructions for voting by absentee ballot in the City of Saxman election are available at the Saxman City Clerk’s office at 2841 S. Tongass Hwy.

Be aware that there are deadlines for absentee applications, and for when absentee ballots must be received by the respective clerks’ offices.

More information about voting in the 2021 local municipal elections is available through the clerks’ offices, and on the websites of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, City of Ketchikan and City of Saxman.

Of course, the goal of these voting options is to encourage voter participation. May we add our own encouragement for local voters to make good use of the opportunity to cast a ballot. Voting is a hard-won right that shouldn’t be taken lightly or for granted. Make your voice heard in 2021!