Voters will decide the direction of Ketchikan, Saxman and their school district for the next three years at the polls Tuesday.

Each and every vote cast will count. Every uncast vote is a missed opportunity to contribute to the communities’ future in a constructive way.

Voters are being asked to select two Ketchikan council members, two Assembly members, three School Board members and one candidate for each of three seats on the Saxman City Council.

Also on the ballot are two propositions. The first asks whether to continue indefinitely the 5% sales tax on marijuana and marijuana products to the benefit the borough general fund, and the second asks approval to bond for $6.6 million to upgrade athletic fields — Walker, Dudley and Houghtaling.

The polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 a.m., giving voters sufficient time to visit the polls and complete what typically is a once a year responsibility to select local leadership.

Ketchikan has seven polling places — the Gateway Recreation Center, The Plaza, the Alaska Marine Highway System Ferry Terminal, North Tongass Fire Station 6, North Tongass Fire Station 8, Saxman Community Center, and the South Tongass Alliance Church.

The ballot has no statewide or national candidates or issues this time around. But the local races and measures are the most important any year. This year they are the only ones.

Please take time to vote Tuesday.