It’s unfortunate, but not surprising that the Alaska School Activities Association is canceling state championships.

That’s right. Last year’s champions will reign for another year.

The ASAA’s announcement came following a meeting with Alaska chief medical officer Anne Zink, Department of Education commissioner Michael Johnson and Division of Public Health physician Liz Ohlsen.

A youth hockey tournament has prompted several novel coronavirus quarantines around Alaska. Other sports-related quarantines also have taken place.

So, ASAA is throwing in the towel when it comes to fall state championship events for football, swimming, volleyball, debate and other activities.

It’s also postponing the start of winter sports and revising the calendar.

Region competition isn’t prohibited by ASAA, but school districts are judging how to proceed with those. Ketchikan has been participating virtually in cross country and swimming.

The ASAA’s decision won’t be a big surprise. It will be a disappointment. But life presents regrettable situations, and students are in school to learn about life.

This is one of the harder lessons, particularly for seniors. But life also has a way of compensating, and something satisfying will come along.

It will be different from what might be expected, but seniors will count it as fortunate.

Wait it out!