Ketchikan hardly needs to be reminded.

But, then, a nudge of the memory will ensure a fulfilling day for all.

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day — traditionally one of gatherings featuring a freshly roasted turkey meal.

This year Thanksgiving will be different in a number of respects. First, large get-togethers are being discouraged in favor of small ones because of the novel coronavirus and its repercussions. Second, the financial backlash from the virus has increased the number of individuals and families in need of assistance to put a Thanksgiving meal on their tables.

While the first point will be largely a personal choice, the second is being addressed by two prominent local entities.

Love in Action, a group representing local churches, and Ketchikan Homeless Services will provide turkeys and other groceries, and meals, respectively.

LIA, with the help of its volunteers and the community, is preparing Thanksgiving dinner bags. As a result of donations, they will include a turkey, potatoes, butter, stuffing, pumpkin pie mix, evaporated milk, cool whip, pie crust, gravy, yams and cranberry sauce.

LIA will be accepting donations until noon Tuesday at its office located at 121 Nadeau St., which is near the Ketchikan Gateway Borough’s White Cliff building.

Safeway will accept cash donations on behalf of LIA at its checkout stands. The cash will be forwarded to the church organization in the form of gift cards for distribution.

In addition to the grocery bags from LIA, Ketchikan Homeless Services will be offering a Thanksgiving meal at its 400 Main St. location in the undercroft of the First Methodist Church, beginning at 2 p.m.

Because that meal will be available, The Salvation Army will suspend its meal service for Thursday and resume it Friday. The Salvation Army provides lunches Mondays through Fridays.

The Salvation Army is leaving the Thanksgiving food distribution to Love in Action this year.

Instead, it will do a Christmas food distribution. It has started collecting donations, some of which can be made by customers at Alaskan & Proud as they shop and then depart the store. Other donations may be delivered to The Salvation Army, located at 305 Stedman St.

Ketchikan sees the need this year, in particular. The challenge is great, perhaps greater than ever before. COVID-19 has reduced the ability of some to give, or to give to their prior ability. It also has increased the need for assistance.

But the community has never failed. It will come through this year.

Ketchikan’s diners will be filled.