Seventeen local residents are putting their names on the line.

They will be listed on the ballots for next Tuesday’s municipal elections.

Their willingness to go beyond what the typical community member and/or voter is willing to do should be appreciated and applauded.

The Ketchikan Gateway Borough, which includes the cities of Ketchikan and Saxman, has nearly 14,000 residents. Of that number, between 2,200 and 3,000 cannot vote because of their young age, leaving approximately 11,000 who not only could vote, but could choose to be a public servant.

Typically, much less than half of that number exercise their right to vote.

The numbers tend to put into perspective the personal sacrifice the candidates are willing to make for the greater population.

The candidates include the following.

• For two seats on the Borough Assembly: Jason Button, Grant EchoHawk, Jaimie Palmer, Darlene d-Svenson and Carlos Weimer.

• For three seats on the School Board: Nicole Anderson, Stephen Bradford, Ali Ginter, Tom Heutte and Keenan Sanderson.

• For City of Ketchikan mayor: David Kiffer.

• For two seats on the Ketchikan City Council: Janalee Gage, Lallette Kistler and Jai Mahtani.

• For three seats on the Saxman City Council: Frank Seludo, Richard Makua and Billy Joe Thomas.

This is the lineup. These folks, who are willing to make serious commitments to public service, should be able to count on voters’ support.

We encourage all voters to learn about the Assembly, School Board and City of Ketchikan candidates — their responses in the Daily News forum will appear over the next few days, beginning today — and take the short time needed to cast a ballot.

That’s all voters are asked to do; the successful candidates will take it from there, in most cases for the next three years.