The big one might get most of the attention, but little bugs are around, too.

We’ve all seen the numbers for the novel coronavirus. We know it’s here, and we’re responding to it.

But, it isn’t the only bug to watch out for. The regular flu and head colds begin to come along this time of year, too, and they are.

The health care community is encouraging Ketchikan to pursue flu shots  at several local pharmacies and clinics.

Shots do seem to temper the spread of the flu. Not always, but for most people who employ them. This year they might prevent a double whammy of both the regular flu and COVID-19.

As for head colds, the best prevention is washing hands regularly and perhaps using hand sanitizer, which also helps with limiting the spread of flus. The mask encouraged to slow down COVID also is useful when it comes to regular flu and head colds.

Most of us are weary of the COVID period, but health should always be a priority. Whether is it preventing the regular flu or a head cold. Watching our step to prevent falls or consuming only what benefits us. Every preventative measure helps.

So, one more weapon in the arsenal to protect one’s health would be a flu shot. They’re available today.