The Daily News thanks you for being its customers.

The Ketchikan newspaper is a community publication made possible in every way by its sources, its readers, its advertisers and even its printing customers. Operating under the parent name of Pioneer Printing Co., Inc., it also provides bulk mailing services.

It is with your support that we’ve managed to publish consistently, and, for the most part, on schedule for another year.

Operating a newspaper in the best of times is an intensive around-the-clock endeavor. As soon as one edition is printed and on the street, it is on to the next one.

The frequency hasn’t changed in recent months, but the challenge of maintaining business operations has, as many businesses will attest to since 2020.

Lately, like other businesses, we’ve been dealing with the response to COVID-19, inflation, broken machinery, staffing issues and supply chain delays.

Welcome to the business world, we often think as we take on the next challenge.

But, through it all, we encounter the people of Ketchikan, who provide encouraging words and support just when we need it.

With that, and our belief in and commitment to community newspapers, we remain on task for finishing up the year.

But at this juncture, when the community and the country take stock of that for which they are thankful, we want to assure you that from our point of view it is you.

Thank you for your business, financial support and encouragement. We couldn’t do it without you.