The weather cooperated for Election Day.

It presented no reason not to vote.

Clear, blue skies welcomed outdoor jaunts to the polls.

At the precincts, election workers greeted voters with hellos. As usual, they directed voters to sign in, collect ballots, choose a booth and submit a ballot (or two) before scurrying out the door.

Much ado is made of the campaign season, which varies from year to year, and the results of elections are heralded before the newly elected join the incumbents and get down to the business of their respective local government bodies.

But, in the background, is the election worker, and the cities and borough clerks who work and shepherd the election process.

Their efforts make an election possible.

We thank the clerks and the election workers for their invaluable service. We thank those who assist those who cannot go to the polls in ensuring they can vote and do.

We also thank voters for turning out in support of the democratic process.

And, finally, we thank the candidates — both elected ones and ones with an opportunity to try again next time — for giving voters choices.

Election Day is one of the most important days of the year. When it comes to maintaining the republic, none other exceeds it.

Thank you to all who understand that and participated in Tuesday’s municipal election. Your effort counts.