Alaskans recognized Law Enforcement Appreciation Day over the weekend.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy announced the observation Saturday, noting how law enforcement officers who protect Alaska's communities, enforce the law and respond to emergencies.

Dunleavy, in a proclamation released Saturday, stated that officers are required "to act courageously and quickly; to make the right call in the face of imminent danger; to run toward danger instead of away; and to act with empathy and compassion as one serves others in their time of greatest need."

He drew attention to the unique circumstances Alaska presents in which officers do their duty, specifically the challenging environments in the largest state in the union.

The governor expressed his "immense gratitude" and celebration of the "selfless service and immeasurable contributions" of law enforcement personnel day in and day out.

He specifically called attention to local police forces, the Alaska State Troopers, Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Park Rangers, Village Public Safety officers and state Correctional Department officers.

With all of the physical and verbal attacks on police officers locally, statewide and across the nation this past year and at the start of this year, drawing attention to the role that they and their profession have in securing Alaska's communities, Alaska and all of the United States is more than appropriate.

It's the responsibility of leadership in both Juneau and Washington, D.C.

Thank an officer today.