Only two days remain.

The deadline is Friday for a Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District survey.

The district and its School Board are seeking staff, student and parent responses to questions concerning its mitigation plan for the novel coronavirus.

The survey is on the district’s website at

The survey is divided into three parts — one each for staff; parents and guardians, and for students in grades 7 through 12.

The surveys are confidential, but they do ask at least the building in which the school day is spent or the school attended by a student be identified. (Parents may fill out a survey for each child in the district.) And the surveys go on to gauge the effect of COVID-19 on each respondent and the respondent’s reaction to the situation as it pertains to health and education.

Ultimately, the surveys focus on the district’s mitigation plan, and how well it works or doesn’t for those within the district.

The information will be presented to the School Board and the public.

The more responses, the better the board’s plan will be. It isn’t a difficult survey; it’s short and the answers are primarily multiple choice. An option to explain further is offered at the end of each survey.

But the clock is ticking. Responses must be submitted this week.