This past week — maybe two — is another chapter in Ketchikan's history.

The First City will be moving forward together.

As of Friday, Ketchikan had had 61 novel coronavirus cases in the most recent seven days. The Ketchikan Emergency Operations Center announced that 10 of the cases were a result of community spread.

A collective "noooooo" might have been heard when the word spread across the community. We thought with people here getting vaccinated against COVID-19, and more and more daily, that returning to a pre-pandemic lifestyle was coming soon. We're ready for it, and that's an understatement if there ever was one.

Unfortunately, we got a reminder with the latest rise in local COVID numbers that that virus is still out there even if there is a vaccine.

So, lesson learned.

None of us are born with all of the lessons learned, and we all gain more knowledge daily. We all learn at different times and at varying speeds.

What is important is that we support each other like good neighbors as the learning process unfolds. Contrary to what might be said on social media or in circles of the frustrated, the latest COVID-19 outbreak is no one person's fault.

Life can be difficult and often is. COVID-19 is a case in point. And it isn't the only one. Ketchikan's history shows that life isn't always pretty.

But, so many times it is, and when those times arrive we want our relationships with our neighbors to be intact.

Let's support each other through this latest virus outbreak. Ketchikan will come through this, too.