There is hope in Ketchikan.

This past week sunshine started showing up in the National Weather Service forecast for the First City, starting next Friday when the temperature was predicted to reach 50.

But that has changed; the forecast shows the sunshine will be arriving early, as early as Wednesday with a daytime temperature of 52 and a clear blue sky.

It gets better yet. While clouds might share the sky with the sun on Wednesday, the following three days are expected to be clear and the temperatures in the 50s and as high as 61 one day.

The forecast shows rain eight days out into next week.

The First City is anxiously looking ahead with the weather about to easily enable spring-time activities — outdoor cleaning of boats, cars, trucks, yards, porches, sheds and buildings. Or getting out in the boat, to the trails and campsites, and onto the beaches.

By this time next week, Ketchikan will look better and some of its residents will be sporting the first sign of suntans. Some others will be wishing they did.

And the mood will be higher than it's been for months.

We surely hope the weather forecaster is correct. The sun would be welcomed by all of us.

Let it shine!