The locals in the community will welcome this.
The Ketchikan Gateway Borough has begun to develop a tourism management strategy.
The cruise ship industry is gradually returning to its pre-2020 activity with the 2022 passenger capacity in the neighborhood of 1.4 million. The number of passengers won’t hit that mark this season, but the potential indicates what the future might be.
Since 2019 — the last full cruise ship season to date — Ketchikan’s accommodations for ships and passengers have changed considerably and appear to be continuing to expand. The addition of the new dock at Ward Cove and several new businesses in the downtown are only two examples.
The borough is developing a strategy to deal with that and further expansion, taking both the locals’ views, including businesses, into consideration. It also is concerned with the environment created by the expanding industry as it pertains to Ketchikan.
The four-phase effort to develop a strategy is expected to be completed in February 2023.
Currently, locals are being asked to participate by providing input at:
Ketchikan undoubtedly will have much to say. Tourism and its effects is fodder for daily conversation here.