U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan has reintroduced a bill regarding the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
Sen. Sullivan's Replenishing Our American Reserves Act would require that the reserve include only U.S. petroleum products and that the U.S. avoid selling petroleum products from the reserve to national adversaries.
“The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is meant to support our nation through major security crises—not to bail out a President’s catastrophic energy policies," Sullivan says. "President Biden’s politically-motivated draw-down of the SPR has already driven oil reserves to a 40-year low.
He adds that he intends that "every drop of that oil is produced by the hard-working men and women of the American energy sector. It’s time for this administration to call a ceasefire in its war on American energy producers—particularly in Alaska—and let them do what they do best and refill the SPR. Believe me, we have plenty of oil in Alaska to get the job done.”
The ROAR Act also would establish limits on importing petroleum products to fill the reserve, would prohibit export of petroleum products from the reserve to a country of concern for religious freedom, and would require the state Department of Energy to study the feasibility of establishing remote crude oil and natural gas reserves in Alaska and other U.S. locations.
The House has passed similar legislation with both Republicans and 113 Democrats supporting it.
This type of bill should unite Congress and the country.