Ketchikan might be receiving more minutes of daylight, but we’ve noticed lately that it's still dark and can be dangerous.
Daylight has improved greatly since winter solstice. On Friday, the sun now rises at 7:35 a.m. and sets at 4:27 p.m., providing eight hours and 53 minutes of daylight.
Comparatively, the first of January saw only seven hours and 18 minutes of daylight.
Ketchikan now has one hour and 35 minutes more of daylight.
But, it is still dark enough at the end of the afternoon to be cautious, especially with the downpours of recent days making it look darker.
Then consider all of the dark clothing worn this time of year.
The result is that it is more difficult for drivers to see pedestrians — even in crosswalks, and pedestrians should never assume drivers have a clear view.
It also makes it more challenging for pedestrians with their heads covered or down to protect from the weather to see motor vehicles.
We still need to be careful out there. All of us do, both pedestrians and drivers. The dark winter days are receding, but they aren't gone yet.