Many good things happen in Ketchikan through the efforts of the good people who volunteer their time and skills.

From the arts to youth sports, churches to community projects and more, you don’t have to search far to find the involvement of volunteers in Ketchikan. As we note often, volunteering is close to the heart of Ketchikan.

And as much as volunteers are the foundation for many good things, they also are willing to assist during difficult times.

We’ve been particularly grateful for the Ketchikan Volunteer Rescue Squad.

Ketchikan is a rugged place surrounded by ocean. When someone is overdue, or other type of emergency circumstance occurs, Ketchikan residents know that KVRS is nearly always involved in the response.

In recent days, for example, KVRS personnel have responded to a tragic floatplane incident on Revillagigedo Island, and to a report of an overdue hiker on the Lunch Creek trail who eventually made it safely home.

Those were two very different types of responses. KVRS members train to handle both, in addition to a range of other emergency situations.

That level of training and readiness takes time and commitment on the part of the volunteers, in addition to significant resources.

We deeply appreciate the active KVRS members, and encourage people in the community who have the aptitude, skills and time to volunteer with KVRS to actively consider doing so. We also encourage the broader community to provide other support for the organization.

One never knows when assistance might be needed. When it is, you’ll appreciate that a viable KVRS and its dedicated volunteers are ready to respond.