A kickflip is nifty skateboard trick.

The skater uses the back foot to pop (levitate) the board into the air and uses the leading foot to flip the board into a 360-degree horizontal roll before the skater lands back on the now right-side-up board and rides on.

The kickflip is a next-level skill in the skate repertoire. It takes time and practice to master. Nice that Ketchikan has a good spot for skaters to learn and practice those kickflips, not to mention ollies, fakie kick turns and frontside 180s.

Since late 2013, the Shane Howard White Skateboard Park next to Ketchikan Creek at the intersection of Park Avenue and Schoenbar Road has provided local skaters and scooter riders with a fine venue at which to hone skills and have fun.

Kudos to Ketchikan Youth Initiatives and the Ketchikan Gateway Borough for all of work in establishing the park. Thanks to Liquid Stone Designs for building a park that can be enjoyed by a variety of skaters. Hats off to KYI for overseeing the facility since construction, and now to the borough for taking the skate park under its wing for the future.

The photograph on the front page of Monday’s edition says it all. Kids, one of whom has launched a kickflip, are outside on a dry day enjoying the skate park. Anyone who is or was a skater can talk about the time they’ve spent on their boards, learning to carve and mastering progressively harder maneuvers, hanging out with friends.

This skate park is an oasis of smooth concrete that flows with this type of opportunity for the youth in our community, and we’re glad it’s here.