The past few days have been extraordinary for Ketchikan, with circumstances ranging from Canada’s closure on Friday of its cruise ports through July 2 to Tuesday’s announcement of the positive result of a COVID-19 test in Ketchikan.

It almost goes without saying as painfully obvious that Ketchikan is and will continue to be affected by the coronavirus situation. There is much we cannot control. Yet we have a great deal of control over how we respond.

One example is in support of our local food service industry. As of Thursday evening, local eateries could no longer offer public dine-in food service as part of a State of Alaska statewide mandate designed to help counter the spread of COVID-19.

We would encourage local residents to make use of the services that these still can choose to provide for the public. According to the mandate, these include delivery service, window service, walk-up service, drive-through service or drive-up service, while using precautions such as social distancing.

These are among the Ketchikan businesses that are part of our daily lives and serve our community all year round. Sadly, they have been among the first — and are now among the hardest hit — of Ketchikan businesses affected by the coronavirus situation.

Help is available. It would come from the rest of us. The amount of our patronage of the delivery, window, walk-up, drive through and drive up services available from the local food businesses that choose to provide them likely will make a huge difference in the days ahead.

The same is true for other small businesses in Ketchikan. They’ll need the support of the community to weather the storm. Giving that support is a choice we all have. Purchase by purchase.

Again, we don’t know what’s ahead. The self-quarantining and other aspects of the coronavirus situation that are already in Ketchikan will continue, and perhaps ramp up further. And there are valid reasons to hunker down.

But while we’re being prudent in those regards, let’s also choose to actively support the food and other businesses that are part of this great community.

Let’s see this through together.